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Our History
Our Classes, All Levels


Our variation of classes will cater a practical Spanish to students seeking to expand their bilingual abilities through placement in the following levels. 

  • Kindergarten

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


Surrounded by a Spanish speaking home environment, our children had a basic communication barrier with the Spanish language that impaired them to effectively communicate with grandparents and other Spanish speaking family members. Upon realizing that this was a difficulty our children were facing, the idea of Kidznowledge was developed under the inspiration to help our own and other children.

Step 1: Classes at Home


Taking matters into our own hands we developed a methodology that we practiced at home with our kids. 

Step 2: Online Classes


We identified the demand to learn Spanish in our community and developed the idea to provide online classes. These classes are available at your convenience to minimize the stress of distance, time, and money. 

Step 3: Learning Center Opened January 2019!


With a sincere passion to teach more students, we innovated a space to provide personal classes and other exciting events.

Kidznowledge celebrates their 1 year anniversary!

After a full year of Spanish emersion, Kidznowledge celebrated their anniversary with a traditional posada, a common celebration in Mexico.

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